5 Questions, 5 Answers - Getting to Know you Day

Hey everybody, it's audience participation day in BougieLand. Since we've grown as a community, it's time for some getting to know you. Yes you, even you in Lurkerville. Join us won't you?

1. Where do you live?
2. If you're on Twitter, what's your profile name?
3. What brought you to BnB?
4. Who (besides me of course) is your fave commenter?
5. Are you going on vacation this summer? Where? (Yes, staycations count)
6. (Bonus Question) Married, dating, single, don't wanna talk about it, it's complicated?
 You know all of mine but here we go anyway:

1. I live in Dallas and BougieLand (and apparently in my own head, long story - let's move on)
2. Find me on Twitter @OneChele and @MGrantAuthor
3. I was brought to BnB by the innervisions of my fertile mind.
4. My fave commenter? Tough one. BrendaKay gives good comment, as does ASmith.
5. Yes to the vacay! Maybe Jamaica, definitely Napa and definitely Florida.
6. I'm dating.

By the way, we have a Twitter List of Bougienistas and those that inspire BnB. Check it out here. If you're not on it and want to be, let me know. Now it's your turn. Answer all or none, be vague or specific. This is just chatter, good people. Do share...