It's an honor just to be nominated... but vote for me anyway

Cue the applause...

Bougieland, you rock! Well, we rock. This year Black 'n Bougie is up for three Black Weblog Awards. Best Writing in a Blog, Best Blog Post Series for those Bougie Bachelorette Chronicles and Blog of the Year. Blog of the Year?! 

*Blogger pauses to Snoopy dance around the living room* Okay, I'm back. 

Go vote. Also, if you're confused about who to vote for in some other categories- check my blogroll for our blog cousins. Definitely hook up as best book blog and The Fresh Xpress for best blog network. They have been friends of BougieLand since day one!

Thank you so, so, so, much for the noms. It is an honor to be nominated but ur, uh.... bougie people like blue ribbons, bling, and bragging rights... let's go get it!