Exciting News! For me, not so much for BougieLand...

I got into recruiting oh-so-many years ago because I loved the thrill of marrying good people with good jobs and watching their careers grow. Over time, that love got mired in administrative shiggity, the weight of management and piss-poor economies. The one good thing that came out me growing disenchanted with recruiting was that I started writing. Three books, a short story and a blog later - that's going very well.

But I was offered an opportunity that actually got me excited about the talent acquisition game again. It's just a short term contract but it's a government sponsored program. This is an Obama mission to get unemployed folks back to work. So they have privatized a section of the state's unemployment office to the company I'll be working for. We'll be matching newly unemployed and long-term (over two years) unemployed folks with current opportunities. It will be a free service for both the companies and the candidates. We have a directive to put a certain number of people back to work in a certain time frame. 

What this also means is that in addition to all the other stuff I currently do, I'm going to work 30 hours a week at this as well.I'm sure you've noticed that I've been kinda weaning ya'll off the 5,6,7-day a week posts. I'll try and do three or four a week. This also means I won't be moderating the comments as much during the day. So try and play nice, won't cha?