Wait - so now I'm a racist?

So I'm at the drugstore Friday and the guy behind the counter asks me if I'm a golf enthusiast and will I be watching The Masters this weekend. I responded truthfully, "I only watch if Tiger's in the hunt." The older white guy clutching a box of Merlot, a container of berry-flavored Metamucil and a king size snickers bar standing right behind me in line said, "Well that's racist."

Le Sigh. "I beg your pardon?" I turned to look at him.

He's waving his Metamucil at me. "You only support golf if the black guy has a chance to win? That's racist!"

"Um, no. I'm not a golf lover, but I'm a Tiger Woods fan. So if he's on and doing well, I'll watch."

"Even after he screwed around on his wife?"

"What does his infidelity have to do with his golf game?"

He shrugged, "I don't know. That's how you people are."

When will folks learn that letting the phrase 'you people' fall out of your mouth is just never bueno. "Which people are those?"

"Black people. Or uh - African Americans is what you're called now, right?"

So much wrong with what he just said, I chose to ignore most of it. "I think I read that Tiger doesn't consider himself black, sir."

Dude is turning red in the face now. "What about Obama?" 

Oh here we go. "What about him?" I swiped my card and entered the PIN number. Half the folks in the CVS where starting to look nervous.

"Is he black enough for you?" <~~yup, he really said that.

"Okay beyond the fact that you called me racist but every sentence out of your mouth is sounding mighty confederate; I don't know what you want me to say here. I'd love and support America if Barack wasn't president. It just so happens that he is the President of the United States of America, he is biracial, one of those races being black. He claims that. But I'm an American. Not a golfer. Maybe if I was a golfer, I'd watch golf even if Tiger wasn't playing."

"So you admit you only watch golf when a black man has a chance of beating a white man?"

I rolled my eyes, "I'm sorry - who are you?"

He stuck his chest out, "I'm a veteran, served my country proudly for thirty years."

"Well I appreciate your service to this nation, sir." I grabbed my bags and walked out. When I looked back he had started arguing with the guy behind the counter.

This is what we have now? Folks pleading reverse racism over a golf tournament? Rush Limbaugh saying that Obama is treating the troops like slaves? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Let me just leave with this En Vogue classic, Free Your Mind...