The Irritating Gamekiller - Thirst

We are just going to keep reinforcing this point until people stop going all biblical in their thirst. By biblical, I mean like the Hebrews wandering 40 days and 40 nights in the desert. Parched, dry, desperate to get to green pastures. Biblical.

Let's take these two examples:

Peter Parched meets Lucy Laidback at a sports bar. They exchange numbers. They chat. He wins the privilege of a date. The date goes well. This kicks the thirst into overdrive. 47 texts, 23 phone calls and a drive by... all in ten days' time. 

Daisy DryMouth sees Michael MindingHisOwn at work. He's cute, he's single and she wants him. She strikes up a conversation. He asks her out for lunch. She sees this as the green light she's been waiting for. Within 48 hours of lunch, she has sent him naked pics, lurid emails and a pair of thong underwear with "I'm yours" strategically stitched on the front panel.

Sound outlandish? Both stories are true. Thirst is just one sleepless night and a threat away from stalking, people. It's not pretty. There's flattering pursuit and then there's desperation. And desperation is sooooo not sexy. 

What's causing it? Are women believing the hype that there's only one "good man" left for a thousand ladies to fight over? <~~~ not true. Do men think that the 17th text is the one that will make the difference? <~~~ also not true. Do we just need to hand out shots of self-esteem like bottled water? Quenching thirst by any means necessary?

Have ya'll witnessed this phenomenon? Any examples to share? Is thirst new or just more glaringly obvious? What do you think can be done to stop it? Do share. Peter and Daisy need your help. The floor is yours.