Allergies and why we hate them...

One thing I really, really miss about living in Cali is that I had no seasonal allergy problems there. Maybe it was because I lived near the water both in Northern and Southern California so all the pollen just went out to sea, I don't know. But the joy of breathing freely, 24/7/365 is greatly missed.

My mother is allergic to shellfish and I was always deathly afraid of manifesting that problem. I'm a shrimp-grillin', crawfish-boilin', scallop-sautéeing sister. I need my surf alongside my turf. For years I prayed (and prayed) to be spared the seafood allergy. Watch what you ask for (or rather how you ask for it). About a month after my 34th birthday, I went and scooped up my mango-strawberry smoothie from Jamba Juice as per normal. About halfway through, I started feeling uncomfortable but didn't know what it was.

I went home, drank some water, and went to bed. The next morning I put some lemon in my tea, grabbed some apple slices and headed out. Less than an hour later I felt terrible again. I'm sure you've figured it out but it took me two weeks, three doctors and my lips swelling up like Mike Tyson punched me squarely in the mouth until I figured it out - I'd developed a late onset allergy to fruit. All fruit? I don't know, I tried six or seven and was so miserable I just gave up. So sure, I can still eat seafood - just don't put any lemon on it. 

I used to eat fruit a few times a day. There really is NO subsitute. I eat a lot of veggies and drink carrot and tomato juice <~~~so not the same. Thankfully, I can still drink fruit flavored tea. The Cherry Me Bloom and Strawberry Passion from Village Tea Co have saved my life. [Shout out to Martin from Village Tea Co whose party I missed... see below]

This week, BougieMom ate something that didn't agree with her. All we know is the throat started closing up. She got dosed with epic levels of Benadryl and bounced back the next day. Because old girl is 78, I freak out anytime something distrubs the Nellie-bio-eco-system. We're still not 100% sure what caused the reaction. 

Ninja Nouveau and I had two parties and a late dinner to go to Saturday night. We decided to pop in on the party his boss was giving first so we had the excuse of "we have somewhere else to be" to use as needed. I tasted the Asian slaw on a radicchio leaf and said, "I can't eat that, there's lime juice squeezed all over it." Ninja nodded and reached out to grab one. I said, "I also thought I tasted some peanut oil." Ninja Nouveau has been allergic to all things peanut since childhood. A little nugget I found out when I tried to inadvertently kill him with a slice of peanut brittle cheesecake. My bad.

Ninja sniffed the appetizer and decided it's fine. {Men!!!} He wolfed down three before starting to wheeze. I broke out two chewable Benadryl tablets and got him to chew and swallow before his throat closed up. He started to get that 'I need to be horizontal' (and not in a good way) look so I mumbled some excuses, snatched the keys from his hands and asked if he wanted more Benadryl or did he want to go to a hospital? He opted for more Benadryl. I stopped, picked up a Sprite and a bottle of Benadryl syrup, blended him up a yummy cocktail and back to his house we go.

In the meantime, the temperature changed for the umpteenth time that week and something had kicked up in the air. So there we were sprawled on his sofa. He's sipping a Benadryl Spritzer with a straw and I was inhaling Flonase with an Allegra chaser. We living sexy, ya'll.

Ya'll know the scene in Hitch with the food allergy? Yeah... like that right there. This Ninja broke out a really piss-poor version of Trey Songz' Say Aah. Then he switched to Teddy Pendergrass. When he started in on Bon Jovi, I prayed for the meds to kick in. He's lucky I didn't YouTube that mess. 

This week, Allergies: 3 - Michele: 0. Who else has allergy drama? And can't SOMEONE come up with a cure?!