What would you do? The deserted island question...

Sometimes when we wanted to throw someone off in an interview, we'd pull out a random question just to see where their head was at and how quickly they think on their feet. Some of these seemingly random questions can actually help an interviewer determine your ability to think logically and problem solve. One such question is the deserted island scenario. You'd amazed what some answers can tell you. 

Here's the full scenario: Let's just say you have royally ticked off some sort of magical being (stay with me here). As punishment, you are banished to a deserted island for a year. The island has a tent, wildlife, vegetation, and drinkable water. You are allowed to take one person and a backpack. 

Shout out to the guy who came in to interview. He named a woman that he would take with him. It wasn't his wife. Unfortunately, his wife worked in Human Resources and saw his answer. So very very no bueno. Take a minute to think about it... Who do you take and what do you pack in that one small bag?