"We should have Kardashian'd it"

So I'm chatting away with a friend I haven't talked to since college. [Damn Facebook] We were in the same dorm but actually met because I ran up two flights of stairs in the football dorm to save her from getting busted in a dude's room after bed check. What was I doing there? Studying.  Moving on...

It was both hilarious and alarming to see how my priorities and attitudes have shifted since college, hers - not as much. She was dating a guy who was a first-round draft pick but dropped him to date a guy from Oklahoma that she thought would go higher. He got busted with drugs and never got drafted. She married a baseball player but cheated on him with a part owner of the team. She left him for a tech guy and left him for a venture capital consultant. She's twice divorced and currently single.

When she found out I'm still single [insert deep sigh and eyeroll here] she said, "We did it wrong, we should have Kardashian'd our way to the top!"

Huh? I don't watch all the Kardash reality shows but I've seen enough to know that one of 'em has a whiny baby daddy that she's not married to, one married a Laker after knowing him for two days and one swaps out famous/semi-famous African American athletes/entertainers like bed sheets. I don't one hundred percent understand the mama's story either.

So I asked, "Sorry, what part the Kardashian Way do you think we should have emulated?"

"Well they marry money, have any man they want and people look up to them. They do things their way with no apologies and when they don't like the circumstances, they upgrade looking good doing it."

There are so many things I disagree with in that statement. What are we, 14? Is this what's hot in the streetz? I can't. I can't be a grown-ass woman idolizing reality stars. Looking at her track record, didn't she try to "Kardashian it" and failed?  I mean jeez, what about the romance, what about the determined pick of a proper life mate? Is it really all about bouncing the booty to maintain the bank balance?

"You're so funny, Michele. You just don't get it."

Maybe I don't. I think I'm okay with that. I hope this isn't what reality TV is teaching the youngsters - chose your life mate based on bank and mentions in People magazine? Sex your way to the top, don't bother having life goals beyond that? All looks and no substance is fine as long as you get a show out of it? [minor rant, sorry] But the bigger question is... do we really go through life Kim Kardashianing our way through? Do we hit a plateau, discard (or get discarded) and upgrade? Y'all just have to give me your thoughts on this one. I'm thoroughly perplexed.