Update to Ask a Bougie Chick - From love to litigation in less than 60 days

Okay people, lock and load for this update. Do we recall the story of John? His (then) fiancee first called out the wrong name in bed, then she was cold-busted doing her Pilates/Yoga/Whatever instructor Kevin. John sent her packing. At the time, we called her Pam but John is no longer worried about her anonymity - chickie's name is Tracey. 

You would think after your things have been professionally packed and set out on the curb (class move, by the way John!), you would leave well enough alone. You would think after your ex-future-mother-in-law had to come over to your house to get the ring back, you would give up. But no... not Tracey. John and Tracey had split the wedding costs. John indicated that he had to forfeit over $20,000 to cancel the honeymoon and reception. Tracey was stuck with the remaining $12,000 plus whatever she paid for the dress. 

Tracey has attempted to file suit against John for the $12k, claiming breach of contract and emotional distress. No, I'm not lying. Tracey wasn't done though. She also tried to sue Kevin claiming he deliberately seduced her and alienated John's affections causing her to miss out on being Mrs. John for the next 30 years. She is calling that "lost revenue" to the tune of three million dollars. Three. Million. Dollars. She said that both Kevin and John defamed her character. She has tacked on punitive damages of $1MM to John and $500k to Kevin.

We're not done... she also claims that she is owed the cost of the ring she was forced to give back (no, she didn't pay for it). And she claims that she is so distraught over the hot mess her life has turned into that she can't earn a living for herself. While she was on a hot streak, she sued the exercise studio for not "disclosing" the fact that Kevin was little more than a toned gigolo. 

Her lawsuit against Kevin has already been tossed out. The preliminary hearing for her suit against John is in a few weeks. The studio is actually considering giving this chick a settlement. I. Quit. Life.

Er, uh - how does someone seduce you away from your man for six months straight? How are you calling your broken engagement lost lifetime revenue?! How is your character defamed if everything they said was true?! Basically, how do you skank your way out of an engagement and expect everybody to pay you?

What say you, BougieLand? Got any words for Tracey? For John? For Kevin? For Tracey's whacktastic lawyer? Is civil court how we settle personal beef these days? Is that what's hot in the streets? Share your thoughts, the floor is yours...