To Snoop or not to snoop? That is the Question

Right after college, I was sorta kinda semi-dating this guy who was older and far more "worldly" than me. I went by his apartment after work one day, his roommate let me in and then left. For the first time, I was in a man's domicile with no adult supervision. I looked around furtively and then said, "Oh what the heck." I ran into his room and started unabashedly snooping. O. M. G. I am not a prude (okay, I was a litttle prudish back then) but I had never seen such a collection of adult movies and "toys" in my life. And of course as I stood there trying to figure exactly what I was holding in my hand, he walked in. Paused and laughed at the expression on my face, "We like each other but I don't think we're at that level yet." I turned 45 shades of red. Then he told me what it was and I all but squeaked like a mouse and fled. He teased me about that for years. 

Lesson learned, right? NO more looking where I'm not invited. Except that...

The ex, Gene. He of the after midnight texting and random phone calls from random broads that he swore were just "friends" - yeah, him. Ladies, let me just say when you are soooo distrusting of someone that you wait until they hop in the shower to pounce on their cell phones and scroll through the texts and voice messages... just let it go. I was so determined to catch dude cheating (why? I already knew he was.); I turned into Horatio Caine round that joint. I was all but collecting DNA samples. Can you say, cray-zee? I really got to the point where I didn't like myself and then I got mad at him for putting me in the position where I felt I had to snoop and really it went all to hell after that.

Monday on Twitter I was reading someone's tweet about being in her man's apartment. She popped open his laptop and started scrolling through his pictures. She discovered an abundance of naked women pics. She retweeted one of the pictures and asked, "Who dis woman, Harpo?" Ruh-roh! From there she decided to peek through his medicine cabinets. Just watching her live tweet the crazy she found around his house brought it all back.

I've gotten to the point where I no longer want to know. Let me figure it out on my own. Cuz really, I don't want anybody rifling through my drawers. And I can just imagine what someone would think scrolling through my phone and laptop without context behind some of this stuff. Then again, I password protect the hell out of everything. 

Am I the only one who's heard the expression, "Don't ask the question if you don't want to know the answer?" Cuz that's what snooping really is. Asking questions you don't have the answers too. I ask you, BougieLand? Do you snoop? Is this just a chick thing or do guys snoop too? Who is tempted to just glance at the screen of the s.o.'s phone when it beeps at an interesting time? Are you a super sleuth when no one is looking? Do share...