Saturday Music Spotlight: Anthony David (@antneedee)

I fell in love with dude's voice by stumbling across the song "Yes" from the 3 Chords & The Truth album. It was quickly added to my "Special Mellow Moments" mix. 


And it's impossible not to fall in love with his duet "Words" with India.Arie from The Red Clay Chronicles album. The man's voice is just butter. Or syrup. Okay buttery syrup on a steaming biscuit. 

Last week, his new album As Above, So Below dropped. Someone was kind enough to gift me with it. "Let me in" is begging done the right way and "4evermore" f. Algebra is catchy as all get out. "Keeping you around" has an infectious reggae beat that caught my attention right away. It's rare that I play an album all the way through without skipping any songs but this is one that's worthy. 

Here's the video for 4evermore:

Enjoy your weekend! Anyone else have some good music to shout out today?