Question for the fellas: Do men have different priorities in life than women?

Continuing Question for the Fellas Week 2, this question threw me a little bit. I definitely used to assume that most people have the same general priority list: Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness. Recognizing that those three things are huge categories that encompass a lot of other things like family, religion, sustenance, health, etc – I thought those were fairly universal wants and needs. It certainly never occurred to me that men and women of this modern era might have vastly different basic life goals.

But I received an interesting question where a woman really felt that her man had no interest in keeping a roof over their head, bringing home a paycheck or in fact finding meaning in the world beyond his Playstation, his pot smoking and his p***s. I assured her that her man was more aberration than the norm in my experience. I received a second letter from a lady very concerned about her biological time clock and lamenting that her husband placed a higher priority on promotions than propagation. 

So I put the question out there to two brethren @TMCYDame and @RobertBleek and here's what we've got:
Dame says: It totally depends on the individual person you’re dealing with and that person’s drive, selfishness and/or selflessness. In general, our priorities don’t differ. Though popular opinion doesn't want you believing this, we’re fairly similar beings. Good people, male or female, are looking to create good lives and foster environments of love for themselves, their families and their friends. And they have priorities that are aligned with doing so. For self-centered, ambitious types, the opposite is likely true. You can easily find men and women who are career-focused, driven individuals with similar priorities. The same is true for guys and gals who are looking to put more focus on their family and friends. It just depends on the individual.
Rob says: I don't even think this is a man/woman issue. This is deeper almost to genetics, nature vs. nurture and value-based morals type of a debate. 15-hour-a-day-hustle-and-grind folks probably shouldn't get too serious with don't-give-a-damn-if-the-rent-is-paid folks unless they want to carry that weight. I'm engaged to a neat freak, I tend to stack ish in a corner. Her priority is blindingly-bleached order in the house, mine is "clean enough for company" neatness. Are our priorities different because she's  a woman and I'm a man? No. I think there's too much crap out in the media now about men wanting model-quality women, 24/7 ESPN and rims. I also think there's too much out there about women wanting shoes, purses, babies and a man with a big... income. At the end of the day, I think everyone wants love, companionship and someone who gets them. It's great if it comes in a slamming package while in a nice house with a 2.2 kids and a 401(k). But are those priorities or a wishlist? I think for the most part God, Home/Family, Career are key priorities for most. Or is that too old-fashioned? As you would say, LeShrug.
Bougieland, what say you? Is the media/pop culture/world at large skewing our priorities or just making it seem that way? Do you truly believe that men and women want different things out of life? What's your number one priority and would you expect your S.O.'s to be the same? What do you think about Rob and Dame's statements? Have you ever had to end a relationship because of a complete imbalance of priorities? Answer some, none or all. Thoughts, comments, opinions? The floor is yours...