Tempus Fugit - What's on your bucket list?

A colleague of BougieSis' passed away unexpectedly over the weekend. He was a tri-athlete, 40 years of age, a genuinely "nice guy" and his heart just decided to quit. I call bullshiggity on the no less than ten stories I heard last year where 40 suddenly became the new dead. No sir. I feel like I'm owed a good eighty + years round here, darn it -it took me the first 35 to figure out what I was doing. [And now I'm crossing myself, praying and throwing holy water so the Good Lord doesn't smite me for my impertinence. I ain't ready.]

The grim reminder that we are in no way, shape or form in charge of our personal destinies was like having a bucket of ice cold water tossed on my head and slowly (ever so slowly) trickling down my entire body to pool at my feet. Shockingly uncomfortable. And speaking of buckets...

I've been trying to figure out what the top three things on my bucket list would be. For the first time in forever, "get married and have kids" wasn't in the top 3 (or 10). I'd still love to get married, not sure kids are still in the cards but I definitely won't be gasping, "I wish I'd been somebody's wife" with my dying breath. I honestly have enough BougieNieces and Nephews to feel like I'm raising kids already.

There are crazy wishes like wanting to samba nekkid with Idris Elba on a Costa Rican beach in the moonlight under a champagne shower, inventing a great-tasting chocolate that isn't fattening and winning the Mega-Millions. Then there are viable plans like wanting one of my books to become a movie, wanting to own an ocean-front home,  wanting to travel to Bali and Fiji but are those my top three? I really want that Westin Heavenly Bed. I'd like my own jet or unlimited miles on American Airlines. I want to see one of my books in the window of Barnes and Noble and on the New York Times' Bestsellers' List. But those aren't top three either.

I'm kinda spoiled. Others have said they wanted to know great love and be loved in return (I've done that). Some have said they wanted to realize their career goal (my biggest one was to be published). Some want to run away from home and live footloose and fancy-free for a while (been there, done that, called it Cali and came home). 

So I guess I need newer, bigger, better dreams. Maybe something like hoping 3) To achieve everlasting unconditional love from a guy I love in return. 2) To be successful enough to have creative and financial freedom and 1) To wake up healthy and happy every single day. 

What about you BougieLand? What's number one on your bucket list?