If my life was a chick flick...

As defined by AMC Filmsite: In general, 'chick flicks' - as they are known collequially (although in earlier times, they were called 'women's pictures' with melodramatic themes), appeal more to the stereotypical interests of women than men. They are often romantic comedies, tearjerkers with female characters, Cinderella-like 'fairy tales' about finding love, or tales of feminine bonding (with lots of talky dialogue).

I'll admit to a weakness for some chick flicks. Yes, I must use the qualifer "some". Some of those joints are terrible. Just smaltzy, over the top, uber-Emo junk that someone decided would appeal to women. Did anyone else suffer through The Proposal or Going the Distance last year? Thankfully I did not spend money to see those. Caught one on cable and the other at my hairdresser's (she is queen of the bootleg). Am I the only one who has boycotted anything with Katherine Heigl (former Izzy from Grey's Anatomy)?

I also tend to lump rom-coms in with chick flicks. Though even I get that Sleepless in Seattle has far broader appeal than Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. But anyway, let's get on with my confession. 

Hi, my name is Michele and I boo-hoo like a child every time The Notebook comes on. I love that sappy movie.  There's one silly scene where Allie decides she must have been a bird in another lifetime. She asks Noah if he'll be a bird too. He looks at her and says, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." I'm sorry fellas, I hear you retching and running to turn on SpikeTV right now... but that's good stuff.

Thelma & Louise I liked but it irritates that their only exit strategy was driving off a cliff. And that they would have had a clean getaway were it not for Thelma's thirst for a dude in tight jeans. [The feminist in me HATES the idea of women being felled by blue-eyed booty. Arrgh!] Anyway...

I must shamefully confess that though no one else seemed to like it, I loved The Lake House. Sure you had to completely suspend disbelief and disregard laws of nature but that just made it whimsical. I know, I know - I can hear y'all - Keanu? Really? I liked him in this movie. Apologies.

I am also a huge fan of old "Glam Hollywood" romantic comedies. The Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Doris Day, James Garner, Marilyn Monroe light-hearted stuff? I confess, I know them all well. Between those and the steady stream of Harlequin romances I used to read, it's no wonder I still believe in the Happily Ever After of it all.

But if my life was a chick flick, which one would it be? Some mix between Love Jones, Hav Plenty and Just Wright. "Love Plenty Wright"? No, sounds X-rated. "Just Hav Love" - Yes! Give me Anika Noni Rose to play me (no comments, I'm casting here). If he's not too busy, Idris to play my romantic interest. Daniel Sunjata as my other love interest. (gotta create conflict you know) Cast Delroy Lindo as my Dad, Regina King as my best friend. Base it in San Francisco. Give me a soundtrack by Mint Condition. I'll do the screenplay myself and I'll see y'all at The Oscars. That's golden!

Seriously, fess up- what's your favorite chick flick? Guys, don't try to act like you haven't seen (at least smiled)  at one or two. Need inspiration? Here was O Magazine's Top 50 Chick Flick list. I didn't agree with 80% of the list... but that's just me. If you were casting yourself - who gets to play you?The floor is yours...