Best Movie Ever....

There are so many excellent examples of cinema out there, it's hard to pick my all-time favorite. I tend to rotate. Today it's The Godfather. Or maybe The Shawshank Redemption.

Wow, those are kind of dark, huh? Don't worry - some happy go lucky, completely useless movies are in my top twenty rotation as well. Like... Sixteen Candles.

The New York Times has this list of the Best 1,000 Movies ever made. Check and see if yours is on there. But today is for you... what is your favorite movie ever and why? That one movie that no matter when it comes on, you have to stop and watch? I was going to ask what was the worst movie you ever watched but there are just so many, it didn't seem fair. So let's hear it - best of the best? Did you add any from 2010 to your list?