Ask a Bougie Chick: Should I take the next step?

The last two days were kinda whoa! So today we're going to do something different for Ask a Bougie Chick... I'm not going to answer the questions - you are. I'll weigh in later in the comments section but let's see what you think.

The first letter comes from a 28 year old female we'll call BAC:
I have not been in a serious relationship since college (and looking back I should not count those).  Nevertheless I have dated alot but nothing ever became of them after a couple of months.  I feel like maybe it is time that I embark upon an adult relationship, but do not know where to start. This leads me to my question...
Friday, me and my roommate  were invited out with her new potential SO and his friends to celebrate his brother's birthday.  At first I was a little hesitant - eight strange men and who knows how they were going to act.  But once we get there, I hit it off with one guy immediately!  W drank and talked and just vibed. I was instantly attracted to him, but not by his looks (he alright, slim, nice dresser), but because I was being stimulated intellectually!!!  We had the most adult conversation I have had with a member of the opposite sex in a long time.  I felt really comfortable with him and was telling him things that I don't tell guys (nothing super personal, but like my true passions, ex. writing and how I have two blogs, etc.).  We sat by each other at dinner and hardly interacted with the rest of the table. 
At the end of the night when we were going to our cars, he gave me a big hug and asked for my number and he gave me his.  The next day around noon, he sent a text that said, "What's up lady, just wanted to say thanks for a cool night, I enjoyed myself."  We texted back and forth briefly and the same the next day (basically saying how was your day), but I have not heard from him since.  Its been four days.  Should I be worried?  I had my roommate ask her friend if he was single and he said yes.  Should I make the next move or wait and see what he does?  For some reason I really was feeling him and the vibe of Friday night.  I very rarely meet guys where I can be myself 100% the moment I meet them.  I don't know what to do!!
Next up is Lovely N NYC ~
Hello, love your blog and thought I'd throw my question into the ring. I just recently began dating a great guy who has all of the qualities I like in a man. We have a great time together and I think this has real potential. The thing is, he's from Germany and here officially until October 2011. We've decided to make it official but he's recently expressed that he feels that I'm pulling away from him or not fully invested. I really like him but a part of me wonders exactly how close I want to get to him with the potential that he might not be here for that long. In my head I wonder should I get my emotions mixed up in something that might only be temporary or should I just chill and enjoy the moment? I have problems not worrying and staying in the moment. He's a great guy and I really don't want to lose him or try to date anyone else. Should I just enjoy and ride this out or search elsewhere? 
Thanks BAC and Lovely for writing in. It is really difficult for me not to add my two cents in right here. Clearly, I do love to weigh in. But I'd like to hear what BougieLand has to say today. 

What we basically have here are two ladies wondering if they should take the next step. What should the ladies do? Or what would you do in their shoes? The floor is yours...