President Obeezy is sick of y'all... and a musical shout out

Friday afternoon, Prez 44 strolled to the podium with Diamond Bill in tow to chat about these freakin'-deakin' tax cuts one mo' good time. He was clearly over the entire discussion on Monday when he explained (with clenched jaw, steely gaze, and tight tone) that he did what he had to due because the Republicans are holding the American people hostage and the Democrats wouldn't shake their asses to get things done when they had the votes to do it. [Uh that's my translation of what he said anyway]

He wasn't feeling it Friday, Clinton was getting a little long-winded and on top of that, Prez Barry had a date with his wife. Given the choice between jaw-boning with the press corps over stuff he already said or taking his lovely wife out? He bounced. Besides, it's not like Clinton hadn't "been there - done that". 

I'm sorry, I thought it was hilarious and more than a little gangsta. He basically passed the mic and said, "Yeah uh, Bill's got this. I'm out." Bruh rolled out and did not look back. Calm down people, it's not like he left Bill with his finger on the button or in the Oval Office with some interns. For all of those who tuned in, wondered if it was 1996 or if Prez 44 took leave of his senses, I give you today's video shout out: Janet Jackson's Got 'Til It's Gone

What did y'all think of Obama bailing on his own briefing? Any musical shout outs today?