Letting go of 2010...

(New Year, new blog design... had to shake things up)

Breathe in with me now: Inhale. Exhale. Deep cleansing breath and Woo-sah. Relax. Relate. Release. Rinse with adult beverage and repeat. Ready? Okay... let's get ready for 2011. It's our year. We've survived all the laughs, loves, let-downs and losses of 2010 and we're still here to take the journey.

Before we move forward, we have to shake off the past. And as of midnight tonight, 2010 is history people. Don't drag it with you into 2011. You stayed winnin' in 2010? Dig deeper and reach higher in 2011. You struggled and wept in 2010? Dust yourself off and gear up to go again in 2011.

This year I thought I would share with BougieLand the personal Annual Review I give myself. Kind of my own personal performance appraisal. Let's go...

Goals Achieved:

1) First Book Published, Second Book Written
2) Survived year with sanity, friendships (the good ones) and family intact
3) Expanded horizons, met new people, added about 20 new recipes to the Bougie Cookbook

Lessons Learned:

1) All that glitters isn't gold: Okay, sure I knew this but WOW was it reinforced for me in 2010. There were a lot of people, places and situations that looked very glitzy and glam on the surface but turned out to be plasticky pyrite. In 2011, I believe I shall take a closer look checking beneath the surface and trusting my initial instincts.

2) Overthinking sucks: And speaking of trusting my initial intincts...I spent way too long thinking, rethinking, plotting, strategizing, double-checking, thinking one more good time about things that I really kept myself from getting as much done as I could have in 2010. Next year, gut instinct, common sense check and moving forward.

3) Oversharing sucks too: I'm a writer and a blogger but I really don't have share (tweet, blog) every waking moment. It's not that crucial.

Areas for improvement:

1) Significant Other sustainability: self-explanatory
2) Patience: Need more of it
3) Wellness: It's supposed to be "total" and "constant", strive harder.
4) Discipline: Respect a "deadline" for once!

Plans for next year: (notice I don't call these resolutions. Those rarely work out. I just make a plan and work towards actualization)

1) Get outta town: Spent way too much time in my home office at the keyboard (rocking yoga pants and a ponytail). Time to get the suitcases and good pumps out. Let's go!

2) Sell, sell, sell: Those books didn't write themselves, they won't sell themselves either. Step up the marketing and publicity.

3) Dance breaks: Yes, I'm going to regularly schedule dance breaks in my life. There few things that don't look better after a ten minute dance jam to a medley of throwback R&B/rap from the nineties... just sayin'. What? I'm the ONLY one who does this? Moving on...

4) Embrace what comes next: Whatever that may be. Start chanting "Life is a journey and every step is a revelation" over and over again until I believe it. 

5) Forgive and forget: Life is too short to hold onto past wrongs (perceived or actual).

6) Spread the message of Bougenificence to every corner of the earth for total global domination resulting in world peace and the elimination of climate change! [What? Too much?]

Overall, I give myself a B- for the year. The blog rocked, the book sold, the bougie roof is still over my head. The other, er - uh, miscues and missteps? We'll chalk those up to "learning experiences"...

BougieLand, what's one lesson you learned in 2010? What's one thing you hope to do in 2011? Y'all be safe out there... Happy New Year!