BougieNation at a glance...

Many thanks to the 883 (and still counting) folks that answered Monday's survey. Took me a minute (okay days) to compile all the data and put it into something that made sense. For the record, BougieLand has close to 20,000 visitors a week. (Thankfully not all of them filled out the survey) The more popular posts receive close to 6,000 views in a day, the least popular around 800. For a site that started out with 29 visits a week, I don't know whether to be giddy or terrified at the growth. But I appreciate it, I truly do. All a writer wants is a reader (and a royalty check... whole other topic).

Let's take a look at BougieNation from the survey results. Here we go:

We are heavy on the female side of the scale which makes me that much more appreciative of the fellas that do comment and participate. I actually think we're closer to 70/30 female to male and the menfolk just opted out of the survey. At least, that's what the other analytics from Google tell me. Anyway, the men of BnB add a little sumthin'. It truly allows for a more balanced perspective. Love you guys!

BougieLand is officially grown and sexy. The average age of a BnB reader is just over 37 years old. We have readers as young as 18 and as mature as 67.  Now that's a true blessing. (Apologies to the three folks who were really tart about the AARP party jokes. My bad.)

Well, we are black 'n bougie after all. But hip hop hurray for the 19% of diversity we have going on. Bouge is universal, y'all. And on that note...

BnB is read on almost every continent. We get no love from Antarctica but that's okay, they have better things to think about like polar ice cap shrinkage and whatnot. Shout out to the international folks, spread the bouge!

What's up, Idaho? No bougenificence in the potato fields? No purple pumps in Boise? Every other state was represented in the survey. (Thank you Mr. Salt Lake City for your lengthy diatribe on my polyamory post.) ATL, H-Town, Bay Area, NYC, DMV, the Chi, Charlotte and Dallas really represented.

Much respect to the other bloggers and sites that sent people my way. Jack & Jill Politics, AverageBro, Three Ways to Take It and the article on have produced a lot of traffic for me.

The BougieTales are universally loved. Which is funny because I thought perhaps I could do with a little less sharing? So I'll have to figure how to strike a balance between offering up a slice of my life without necessarily leaving myself (and friends/fam/potential SOs) open to dissection. Should be interesting.

BougieLand appreciates a happy, funny, sad, tragic, mystifying letter from the public. Bless people's hearts for continuing to send questions in even though we have flayed, sauteed, and served up some folks. As we like to say round here, don't ask the question if you don't want to really know the answer.

Our highest traffic weeks historically have been relationship and/or theme weeks. I love a good theme because I can build at least three posts, tack on a related Ask A Bougie Chick and do a wrap-up post which gives me the week. And for someone who tries to post everyday, that's everything. But more than that, y'all really like to talk about relationships!

My bad. Y'all were really feeling the Sunday Good News stories. Weekends are tough, sometimes I'm fried and the good news stories are hard to find but I'll try and do them more often.

Some folks got down right passionate in their dislike of the Video Shout Outs. But since I adore music and have been able to introduce some of my favorite artists to people that hadn't been exposed to them before... they shall stay.

Y'all nosy. For real tho. To the 262 of you who want to know more about Gene - c'mon now. As he is known to say - What Is This? To the 313 wanting more stories of cocoa past, present and future... this ain't that kind of blog (usually). Over 200 folks wanted more S.No.B. (So Not Bougie), WBPD (What Bougie People Do), WBFFD (What Bougie Folks are Forced to Do), and WBFDD (What Bougie Folks Don't Do) and Just.Do.Better posts... I hear ya - 2011 is right around the corner. To the 105 of you asking about Sergeant McHottie - wow. To the 428 who said I should just write whatever I feel like and they'll read it - bless your hearts. As for your suggestions:

Ha! I'm joking. There was some pretty good stuff in there. There was also some completely ratchet off the wall stuff in there. To the one person who felt I should really be more diligent in my spelling and grammar... you may be missing the main idea but um, thanks for that. If you know someone who'd like to be my unpaid editing intern and read my posts at 3:00am to correct them, I'm all for it.

There are topics I stay away from because I flat out don't like how folks respond when they read them. I'm going to discuss politics and sports as the mood hits because those are things that interest me. I might add regular guest bloggers, I might go down to posting three times a week. We'll just have to see where this takes us. So er, uh - I'm gonna just do me. For as long as I can, the best way I know how. 

And because so many asked - here are the top ten most popular posts in BnB history (based on pageviews, not comments):
  1. No Country for Smart Girls
  2. Stop telling me how I think...
  3. The Man With Bad Cocoa
  4. How I met New Dude, Part One (& Part Two)
  5. Psycho Mike 1, 2 & Follow-Up
  6. Thirsty is the New Black
  7. Usher-Themed Wedding
  8. Why Pookie Gets No Play
  9. Defending Our Blackness
  10. Twelve things about Tiger Woods
Honorable Mention to Sundress Month, The Story of SEW/Vince/NewDude/Sergeant McHottie, Romey-Rome Ambush, Why Are You Single and the Tweet-n-Run. It hasn't all been relationships and roses. We have had to put a few folks in Bougie suspension:

But all twelve appealed for leniency:

And only 2 were denied and banned from BougieLand (forever).

And that, BougieLand is the State of the (Bougie) Nation. Posting shall be spotty throughout the Christmas and New Year week but I'll around. Thoughts, comments, insights on BougieNation? Anything surprise you? Happy Holidays~