Get out and Vote...

I can't be any more clear... bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad things will happen if the GOP is allowed to regain control of Congress. I'm talking repeal of all the strides Obama has made, constant blocking of much needed legislation and all manner of shiggity. The word "impeachment" has been tossed around. You think the Tea Party is crazy now? Let a few of their most zealous (least informed) crew get up in the House... Armageddon people.

BougieMom and I early voted and they were some shenanigans afoot. Some "people" told some "folk" they were in the wrong county and turned them away. They weren't. And only because I whipped up my BlackBerry to look it up were they saved the drama of going to the other county and being turned away there as well. I was about to set if off up in there.

All of this to say. Go vote. I mean it. Go. Right now. Stop reading and vote. Yes, I'm going scare tactics: 
I kinda mean it. Get out there. Then come back and read today's post. Have you voted yet?