Five things that went wrong with Six-Nine dude... A Bougie Bachelorette follow-up

Well. So. What had happened was... My friends set up me with a guy I'll refer to as SixNine. Minds out of the gutter, he was six feet nine inches tall and lived in Houston. What we knew was that his criminal and background check were good. He's an engineer. Raised by grandparents, his grandfather was the preacher of a huge congregation in California. Divorced with one preteen daughter. Great sense of humor. We had two lunches and then agreed to meet halfway between Dallas and Houston in Buffalo, Texas for dinner. 

Okay, so there's really no great place to eat in Buffalo. We worked it out. The date went well all smiles and snappy conversation, laughs and sparkle. We drove back to our respective cities, chatted and bantered and made tentative plans for our next date. Then came Sunday and all hell broke loose...

1) A woman called me. She told me she was SixNine's girlfriend and I needed to fall back. I told her I had no idea what she talking about. I didn't know her and I barely knew him but whatever beef she had was with him not me. She went in on a epithet-filled rant of epic proportion. I hung up in the middle of a sentence. She called back seven times in twenty minutes until I figured out how to block the number.

2) I sent him a "WTF, dude?" text. He called to say it wasn't what it sounded like. He was visiting his child when the child's mother picked up his phone and scrolled through his texts and call history. She wrote down my number and called me after he left. He apologized and said it wouldn't happen again.

3) I said, "Oh, your ex-wife?" He said, "No." Pause. "I actually have a seven month old son. This is his mother." Seven months? That's like brand new. And not only did he not disclose this to my peeps (or me), there's no mention of this child on any records tied to him. Now that's shady. So now in addition to the ex-wife and 13 year old daughter, you've got a baby mama and seven month old son. A crazy baby mama at that. 

4) Me - "You have a seven month old son and a baby mama who is clearly possessive." Him - "We're not together. I don't want her back at all. I think you and I really have something. Don't be so swift to cut me off." Me - "But you lied. And this is fairly major." Him - "I knew if I told the truth you wouldn't want to go out with me." And that right there is the problem.

5) Me - "Yeah...ummm. I don't need the drama." Him - "You're never going to find someone 100% drama free." Me - "I understand that but this is a level beyond what I'm comfortable with." Him - "You're going to regret this." Me - "I'll take the risk. Bye now."

Y'all know how I feel about the drama, and the ex-drama in particular. No. Thank. You. And you know what this means, don't you? Chele is on a man break. Yes. Again. All I can say is thank goodness I found out before things got deep! Whew!

BougieLand, what are the chances that I'll regret this? (Okay that's a joke) I won't give you a list of questions... comment as you will.