Five things that have me ticked off about the mid-term elections

As most of you know, I'm TeamObama all the way everyday. No, I don't think he's perfect but I bristle at any suggestion that he is Hitleresque, or Beelzebub-reborn, or whatever other evil being they've trid to equate him with. So the results were disheartening to say the least:
Here's what bugged me the most:

1. Apathetic voters - I literally had to get off Twitter Tuesday because people were proudly announcing that they weren't going to vote. The reasons varied from "I won't support the lesser of two evils" to "my vote is going to be canceled out anyway." Makes me wanna holla, throw up both my hands. On top of that, those SAME voters were lamenting Wednesdsay. Wringing their hands wondering how FUBARed we really are. Well, perhaps if you'd thought about that Tuesday?

2. Halt of progress - Those of you wondering just what Obama has accomplished,check out this site. Those of you wanting him to do more? Good luck. Did you not see the Republicans basically announce that they are going to block everything Obama sends their way that does not align with their "agenda". 

3. Speaking of the Republican Agenda - Besides double (quintuple) checking Barack's birth certificate and figuring out if they can impeach him, what do the Republicans want? Tax cuts and more money for their friends. They haven't rolled out a single viable plan to assist with economic recovery and job recreation which all I'm trying to hear.  John Boehner. Y'all weren't feeling Nancy Pelosi? King Kong ain't got nuthin' on John Boehner. Enjoy the filibuster. We've entered the world of double-speak and hair shellack.

4. What about my Healthcare? I'm self-employed, I pay Aetna a grip for healthcare. And by a grip, I mean I could clothe and feed half of Haiti with my premiums and deductibles alone. The New Order Republicans are talking about trying to repeal it nationally and my crackerjack Governor here in Texas (Rick freakin' Perry for the 3rd freakin' term) has talked about squashing it statewide. This makes me unhappy in my sad place.

5. The crazies think they've won. I actually overhead pale grey-haired dude at the store exulting, "This is our first step in getting our country back." Excuse me? "Your" country? Exactly whose country is that, sir? And once you get it back, what exactly are you going with it (besides run it into the ground). As BougieMom says, "When the patients start running the asylum, you know there's a problem."

On the flip side,we can stop pretending that "post-racism" exists now, right? Le Sigh. Listen, I'm not going all doom and gloom proclamations. It totally sucks that Obama had to stand up in front of a gloating crowd of swarming reporters and answer questions about whether he's out of touch with "the people."  But hey, let's look at this at a lesson learned. Plus now Obama has a finger to point. If the Republicans don't pull some serious reform out of their hindparts by 2012, he can say, "Hey, I tried to work with them but they wouldn't play nice."

And for those of you who "abstained" from these elections, I have four words for you: Perry/Palin in 2012 - it could happen.  Get off yo' asses and vote next time! Great article over at Jack & Jill Politics on this.

What did you think of the mid-term elections? Did you candidate win, lose or draw? Will Obama be able to get a damn thing done between now and 2012? Should we just all pitch in for a Caribbean island and create the United State of BougieLand? Thoughts, comments, insights?