Five things I learned from Randy Moss this week

For those not in the know, Randy Moss is a wide receiver in the National Football League. He entered the league nicknamed "The Freak" for his awesome leaping ability and fantastic speed. He started his career in 1998 in Minnesota with a chip on his shoulder because he fell so far in the draft due to "ethics issues" (read "perceived thug tendencies"). Most notable, he was irritated that the Dallas Cowboys passed on him (even though after all their late-90s scandals, they could ill afford another). 

Monsieur Moss had a love/hate relationship in Minnesota. He was rookie of the year and a perennial Pro Bowl candidate but he had a penchant for stirring up shiggity. He would say things like "sometimes I don't run full out", he would walk off the field before the game was over, he would sulk and pout. He was dealt to the Raiders (considered football Purgatory) prior to being revived by the Patriots. He played well and then... the wheels came off. His playing time was limited and he and Golden Boy Brady may or may not have gotten into beef about hair. Moss was sent back to the Vikings. The locker room loved him (for the most part). He was motivating the youngsters, pulling coverage off Harvin and Peterson so their numbers were up and making Favre look less grandfatherly on the field. And then came the grudge match against the Patriots.

Sunday night, the Vikings lost. Moss was unhappy. He held a press conference with himself. He may or may not have told the Vikings what to expect against the Pats and they didn't listen. He may or may not have told the team owner that the Vikes coach (Childress known as Chilly) sucked and needed firing. He may or may not have indicated that he missed the professionalism of the Patriots. He was fired Tuesday... the NFL calls it waivers. By Friday, he was snatched up by the Titans and headed for Nashville. 

So here are the life lessons I gleaned from Randy's entertaining week:

1) You can go home again... but it's never the same. Going back from whence he came (Minnesota) was supposed to be a rebirth of sorts for Moss. Instead it was more drama, more scrutiny and a one-way ticket out of town. This tells me that sometimes it best to leave the past a memory. When you've given all you can to one situation and left it behind, might just be better to let sleeping dogs lie.

2) No matter who you are... it's never good to tick off the powers that be. Moss is a potential hall-of-famer with a multi-million dollar paycheck and a contract but they sent that man packing as if it was layoff day at the neighborhood Wal-Mart and he was the last stockboy hired. I guess what Moss did is the equivalent of sending an email saying "This place sucks, don't come work here" and accidentally cc'ing the entire company. Whoops!

3) Standards are applied unevenly. So Randy was a distraction in the lockerroom? Interesting, not one Vikings player has corroborated that. You're saying that in the few weeks Randy was there, he was more of a distraction than say... a quarterback who couldn't decide if he was going ot play or not? A quarterback accused of "inappropriate behavior"? A quarterback who determines whether he'll play or practice regardless of coach input? I'm not taking it racial. I'm just saying you have two players list in the NFL's Top 100 Players' list. One gets run outta town, the other gets a Wrangler commercial. Okay, I see you.

4) Talent outweighs trouble. Think the Titans care that Randy might be a distraction? Heckie Naw. They care that he's a 6 foot 4 target that can take some of the coverage off of superstar running back Chris Johnson so he can get loose. Or so that Vince can get loose, or the tight end. This tells me that if you are considered a commodity in your field, you can burn a bridge or two and still be alright. (But we knew this, think T.O.)

5) Sometimes you have to be true to yourself. I'm sure at some point Randy thought - is it really a good idea to tell my head coach he's a wuss and the owner that he needs to fire said wuss? Then again, knowing Randy he gave a damn. You know what he thought? He thought I have at least three more good years and what's the worst they can do, I'm about to speak my piece. This tells me that sometimes (though not often) a "damn the consequences" attitude pays off.

By no means am I making Moss out to be sort of here but you have to admit he plays by his own rules and it's working for him thus far. Right about now, Childress looks to have backed the wrong horse and Randy is laughing all the way to the Nashville bank. Oh, and the Vikings owner actually considered giving Chilly the pink slip and keeping Moss. In the end, who really won?

All of this being said, BougieLand - I wouldn't try this at home. We regular folks will be sitting up in the unemployment office wondering where it all went wrong. 

Thoughts, comments, insights? The floor is yours...