Double Standard? The Professional Unmarried Black Male over 40

We've heard all the stories about the professional unmarried black woman over the age of 40 and all the various reasons why she finds herself in this state. It's been talked to death. But what of the male equivalent? In the past few months I've heard of more and more never married forty-something professional black men. And in every case, I've found myself talking in wonderment about these men as if they are unicorns - where do they come from and what's wrong with them?

Depending on which poll you refer to a black man (living in a major metropolitan area) over the age of thirty-five of reasonable attractiveness especially at a certain income and education level has pick of the litter (so to speak) at a ratio of 24:1. In other words, there are supposedly twenty-four reasonably attractive females of similar education and background to that one male. I'm not mathematically inclined but it seems like the pool of candidates is there, the opportunity presents itself and all ratios are in these men's favor. I get that it's not that easy but is it an easier search and selection than women in the same position have?

I find myself wondering what the story is and why a man with seemingly this much on the ball has never been married. Which is funny considering how much I HATE when people ask ME why I'm still single.

So my question is this - Is it a double standard to wonder why a man of a certain age and means is still single? Is he waiting on perfection? Does he have George Clooney syndrome? Is he like that idiot I met a few weeks ago who said he hadn't met a woman who made him want to be faithful? Is it really just as simple as not having found the "right woman" yet? Is it just me giving these gents a side-eye?Ladies and gents, the floor is yours. I eagerly await your thoughts, comments and insights.