The Case of the Winter Boo - Good or Bad Idea?

Season's Greetings, y'all. I see you. I see more than a few of you single folk out there hustlin' for a holiday hook-up, trying to stir up some cuddle cocoa, on the prowl for the Winter Boo... um-hmm. Nothing says Happy Holidays like some new-new. If you choose wisely, you get gifts, a snuggle buddy and ye all important date for New Year's Eve. Score! Right?

Not. So. Fast.

I don't mind if you ho-ho-ho your way through the holidays... do you, boo boo. But can you kindly share your intentions with the new main squeeze? If you are just in it for the cocoa, eggnog and a date to the company Christmas party? Let that be known. If I had a dollar for every Holiday Hook up that fizzled before Valentine's Day? I'd be typing this post from my vacation home in Bali. While a cabana boy named Raoul brought me rum drinks in diamond glasses and seafood on a platinum platter. Yes, that many.

There is something both magical and macabre about this time of year. On the one hand, when celebrated in the true Reason for the Season, it's great. An opportunity to catch up with family and friends, give and receive, reach out to less fortunate, all of that. Y'all know what I'm saying - get out there and spread tidings of comfort and joy already!

Well - and then there's that. That forced gaiety. That "it's Christmastime so why aren't you happy" attitude. Some of y'all actually like snow and caroling and Secret Damn Santa. For others, it's hard. They may not have loved ones or they may feel inadequate for not being able to give due to financial circumstances. I lost my father ten years ago around Thanskgiving so it always takes me a minute to get past that hurdle and realize he won't be around for the holidays which he absolutely loved and made a big deal out of.

My point (wandering though it may be) - some people are especially vulnerable during this season. Goodness knows a brand new shiny boo can let you forget your troubles and get some happy. Vulnerable + holidays + pheromones = recipe for trouble. Have fun but just think about it. What happens after the mistletoe has come down and the sequined bustier is tucked away?

If you're fortunate, whatever it was that brought you and your holiday honey together will last long after the snow has melted. If not, well blame it on the bourbon balls. But be careful, a cuddle cutie can have a few consequences that snuggling with your Snuggie doesn't. Suit up and know who you're sipping cocoa with. I know, I know... it's cold outside. Folks gotta do what they gotta do. I'm just saying tread lightly, ice isn't the only slippery slope out there.

That's all I've got. Tell me BougieLand - are you hustling for candy cane kisses? Does anyone know of holiday hook-ups that turned into happily ever after? (I know I'm doing the most with alliteration today. Tis the season.) Who else hates having to scrounge up a date for the company bash or the New Year's Eve countdown (which I hold personally responsible for a lot of reckless-assed behavior)? Do we really get more "jolly under the holly"? Thoughts, comments, insights? The floor is yours...