Tonight on BnB Radio Network – Get Some Happy 9 pm central/10 pm easter

Ms. Yvonne has a series of commitments she has to keep up with this fall so the Divas are a duet for a little while. Carolyn Edgar and I will be dishing it up straight no chaser in our Fall Series: Divas After Dark. We're later, we're less buttoned up and we're taking no prisoners. Our next show is about how to be happy right where you are, this day, this minute, right now. Even when your life appears to be a flaming plate of shiggity. Wanna talk about it? Call in and let it rip. Want to listen while Carolyn and I talk about it? That's okay too. We'll see you there. Join us..

Tonight at 9:00 pm central/ 10:00 pm eastern time. To listen in, go to You can also call in at (646) 378-1171.

The topic: "Get Some Happy" (even when you don't feel it and people get on your last good nerve)

BougieLand, I may post something later on in the day. I met my publisher deadline and I'm sleeping in. Swing back by and check in or catch me on BlogTalk later.