This week's pet peeves - Book Throwers, Favre & Recession TV

Well, every now and then I feel compelled to vent. Here's what has the steam coming out of my ears today:

1. Dude decided to chuck book at Prez 44 at a rally in Philly? He was described as an "overexuberant" Obama supporter who merely wanted to make sure that the president had a copy of his book. Is that how it's done? If I grab a copy of my book and chuck it at the President, you think they are going to let me go? I'm not half-sure I believe his story anyway. Seriously? Who is stupid enough to think throwing a book at the President is the best way to get his attention? Especially if you look at the footage... Barack didn't even acknowledge it.

2. Brett Freakin' Favre. Ugh. I haven't told the story of why I really, really dislike this megalomaniacal ass-grabber. Perhaps me using the term megalomaniacal ass-grabber gives you a clue? No it wasn't my ass he was attempting to grab. Mr. Favre can go kick rocks. I was not the least bit surprised that someone slapped him with a sexual harassment allegation. (<~~Not Safe For Work) But I am surprised (well, no I'm not) that Grandpa Favre isn't getting the full Tiger treatment. Will it take 12 more women stepping up with allegations? (I would bet there are quite a few) Again, just Ugh.

3. What is with some of these reality TV shows? As if to make you feel better about being so po', they have created a group of what I called Recession TV shows. TruTV has two shows: Operation Repo about car repossessions and Hardcore Pawn about a pawn shop in Detroit (where some chick tried to pawn her drawers according to the commercial). There's Till Debt Do Us Part a CNBC show about debt consolidation. How damn depressing is that?

Got any thoughts about these topics or peeve of your own to share? The floor is yours...