In this episode of Ask a Bougie Chick: What Should We Do?

It's dating advice for the grown-n-sexy set today. Okay, I'm sorry - I hate that phrase too. Let's move on.

[Cue game show musc...] On this episode of Ask a Bougie Chick, two gentlemen want our help planning evening out. Here's what they've got:

From the first gent, a 30-something professional in the Dallas Metroplex~

My question goes like this:
To the Bougie Nation: My request is simple; I need some different date ideas for "not the very first date" but not "you're my girl" dates. Please exclude the things I already know about: dinner, museums, concerts, parks, jazz clubs, cooking lessons, etc. 
Thanks in advance for all the suggestions. I do ask questions and listen but I try to change it up.

~DPG in Dallas

Dear DGP ~ You excluded quite a few good ideas there. You've also got me wondering at the nebulous zone between "not the first date" and "you're not my girl." Has there been cocoa? No cocoa? Do we want to get the cocoa? Do you want her to be your girl at some point? Is she bougie, regular, round the way? Hmm, without these answers I'll have to wing it. How about the "at home romance package"? You set a nice table, do candles, cooking, entire pamper vibe. It's a much better and upscale variation of movie and hot wings on my couch. You take that to the next level.

Or what about a wine-tasting? Have you been to Chocolate Secrets in Dallas? They do chocolate and wine pairings. Delicious and romantic. That's all I've got. Good luck!

Our next comes from an older married gent in the ATL~

Chele, Hello. I've been married to the same woman for 17 years. It's a blessing. We are still in love and enjoy each other's company. She has stated that we are "getting stale" and demanded that we have a "date night" twice a month to "freshen things up". She said this is "non-negotiable". When I asked her what she meant, she said, "Figure it out."
Chele, I got married so I wouldn't have to date. But I'm going to do what I gotta do to keep her. Any suggestions besides a dinner out? Not to overshare but do you think she's talking about the "entire" date night experience?

Thanks for anything you got for me.
~OldSchool in ATL

Dear OldSchool ~ Yes sir, she wants the whole experience from candlelight to "cocoa". Might as well get your mind right now. I would start traditional for the first date. She is asking to be wooed all over again. I know you had to do all of this years ago but dude, it's cheaper to keep her.

Is she a flower or candy woman? Wouldn't hurt to kick off the evening with a little "Love you baby" gift.  Dinner (at a nice restaurant), dancing (or a jazz lounge), and then handle your business when you get back home. I'm not trying to be all up in your business but um, lookie here: rest, vitamins, hydrate and stretch. The Mrs. ain't playing. Good luck!

BougieLand, what advice do you have for DPG and OldSchool? Be creative and truthful, they are looking for our assistance ;-)