Four things that happened on my way to living drama-free

So the plan, in case you're wondering; is to spend just a little bit of time all about Michele living drama-free. Yes, I'm embracing Zen Chele. But um... perhaps before I attempted to achieve that peaceful state I shouldn't have blogged my break up to the universe? Here are four things that happened on my way to the Zen Zone.

1. An ex-boyfriend who reads the damn blog called around mid-day. He kindly offered to fly into town to "take care" of me. I assume he was referring to the "hot chocolate"? I declined. Damn y'all with your chatter about whipped cream and marshmallows.

2. A girlfriend gave some random dude my phone number and told him, "Now's your shot!" He called and asked me out for coffee. I said I'd get back him. So he said, "Do you just want to come over and watch a movie?" I paused. He said, "Of the adult variety?" **CLICK** Now I have to call her back and find out just what exactly she said about me?

3. Distant cousins I haven't talked to in years sent me Facebook messages to see if I'm okay. Yes, I am but uh - where you been?

4. Jayme has already tried to set me up. She has apparently been hoarding "hook ups" for me since midsummer. Side-eye to Jayme who swears that it's not that she thought my relationship would fail... she was just hegding her bets in case it did. By this evening, she had sent over five "resumes" of men she thought were suitable for me to meet. Le Sigh Jayme.

One more lecture about "getting back in the saddle"... one more talk about the best way to "get over one is to get under another"... already over it. I've heard formulas about how long you have to "grieve" one relationship based on time in relationship, intensity of relationship, it goes on and on. Which is amusing because I had one guy that I broke up with on a Tuesday move in with someone else that same Friday. I've taken anywhere from one week to one year before glancing in anyone else's direction. 

So tell me BougieLand - what's the formula you've heard? How long before you flirt, date, share hot chocolate after a break-up? Wildly curious to hear what some of you have to say about this one.