When Bad Colds happen to Bougie Chicks

It started with a groan. I rolled out of bed last Monday morning and everything hurt. It didn't concern me much, you young 'uns will learn that as you get older, sometimes things hurt for no damn good reason. Ever notice how much folks over 35 start talking about mattresses and massages? Seriously, I was up in MattressLand talking sleep numbers and firm vs. euro pillow top for at least an hour. Yeah, it's crucial.

But as the morning went on, I tried some yoga, a healthy breakfast, hydrating and... I felt worse, not better. By noon my throat was sore and I had that feeling that a band was tightening around my head. I decided to take a nap. I announced to all that it was naptime and proceeded to go comatose for four hours straight.

Backstory: BougieOlderSis was in town and BougieMom had doctor's appointments. New Dude and I were having some beef (more on that later in the week), three girlfriends needed to catch up, I had work stuff and book stuff and social stuff I absolutely positively had to get done... I am a person who likes to have my finger on the pulse of all that's around me. I like to be in control of my domain. My body went gangster and told my brain, "That's too damn bad. We tired. And in case you thought I was playing with you, how do you feel about not taking in oxygen? You like that? Sit. Down."

By Tuesday morning, I thought it was a bad cold and I could sweat it out. By Wednesday BougieMom flung Kleenex at the stairs and told me not to come down. BougieOlderSis politely told me I sounded like death and suggested baptism by holy water (or maybe she just told me to put my behinds in the shower, it's all a blur). Clearly, it was time to consult the professionals. BougieOlderBro is a trauma surgeon. I called begging for pharmaceutical assistance. My primary care physician BlackBerry Messengered me to remind me that I had this same thing last year. Started as a cold, I ignored it and it turned into sinusitis, then bronchitis and walking pneumonia. She politely told me to go pick up the serious meds and don't get up until told otherwise. I gave up, got the meds and turned my bedroom into a fortress of solitude. (Hence the Bougie Down post last week)

And by the way, in one of the many ways I take after my late, great father - I am not a pleasant patient. I am anxious to be well, upright and fully about my business. I snapped at family, friends and told New Dude that if he sent me one more "how are you doing, baby" texts he was cut forever. What can I say, I was on quite the drug cocktail. Plus, now that I've developed a fruit allergy - no juice for me. Now that's just mean. I started dreaming that bottles of Arizona Green Tea with Honey & Ginseng were chasing me over cliffs in Hawaii. (I mentioned the drugs were good, right?)

I say all of this to say to my fellow stubborn "I feel fine, it's only a cold" folks - sit your behinds down for a minute. Take a breath (and some NyQuil) and take care of yourself. I'm at about 90%. Be back to 110% by Wednesday.

Oh, time out for some Bougie Bidness. Happy Birthday to Bougie Regular Michael Davis and Happy Wedding Week to one of my very first Bougienistas - Tiffany in Houston. Salutations and well wishes to BougieLand Faithful.

So, do we have folks in BougieLand who won't admit when they're sick? Refuse to take meds? Believe you can sleep when you're dead? What's your favorite "get well" remedy? Do share your wellness tips, I promise to take notes.