Gamekillers - A Tuesday Top Two

Step yo' game up - Don't kill your own game

Let's start out by talking about game. What is it, do you have it, if you've lost it - how to get it back? Wow, that's a lot and I can't just give away the secret sauce. Let's do this instead...

Definition: Game is quite simply, how you play to win. At life, at jobs, at love, at lust... the ability to skillfully maneuver your way to where you want to be... is game.

How do you get it? Like any skill you can be born with it or you can learn it. Some learn it well, others just don't get it. Some learn it, have it and then kill it dead. And that's the worst. There is nothing quite as tragic as seeing someone who was once on their game and fell off. Way off. It happens. And when it does, there's always a gamekiller in the mix. That one thing you did to turn a FTW to a FML.

Take for instance, the case of "Daria" - up and coming director at a large telecom company. Daria was on the fast track, heading for a Vice-Presidency, if not for that unfortunate habit of attending company functions, getting plastered and sleeping with men that were not her husband (who also worked at the company). Daria's gamekiller was lack of professionalism (to put it nicely).

Take for instance, the case of "Mark" - wannabe ladies' man. He had the looks, the bankroll, the address and the trappings. Unfortunately he knew it and could not resist telling everybody, all the time what a great damn catch he was. This ninja would buy a woman a drink and make sure to tell the bartender (loudly) to run a tab on his AmEx platinum card. Before you could compliment him, he would tell you how he was constantly being approached by modeling agencies but he didn't want to walk away from his six-figure job for that. Mark's gamekiller was narcissism.

Just for kicks, here are a few polls to see what you think are the worst gamekillers out there.

Personally, I think the not giving a damn ruins all sort of game, but I'll let you all weigh in on that. BougieLand, what say you? What kills game with the swiftness? Do you know folks who consistently wreck their own game but don't even recognize it? Do share...