WBFDD: Pimp for Pageviews

Let’s take a Bougie Timeout for a short OneChele rant, shall we?

In this episode of WBFDD (What Bougie Folks Don’t Do), I’m taking a couple of potshots at the blogosphere. You know what, it’s not even potshots… it’s simple observation and irritation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m immensely honored and flattered to be a finalist for the Black Weblog Awards but it’s never been my desire to be the hottest, most popular blog on the internet streets. It’s just not that crucial. I have a career, blogging isn’t it. So imagine my dismay when some folks (I shan’t name names) got all out of pocket on Twitter wondering why “some blogs” were nominated over others. In fact, it was suggested that I (yes me!) do not write about enough “hot topics” to warrant my little nomination. Other folks decided to declare their alliances to certain blogs (not mine); other folks were just flat out rude. Le Boo, Le Damn and Le Sigh.

People please! Might we be taking it all just a little too seriously? Contrary to how some folks act, this is not high school with paychecks. It’s not like running for Junior Class President and trying to get the jocks and cheerleaders on your side. Unlike High School, we’re supposed to be grown-ups? Immune to peer pressure? You can just do you and keep it pushing?

Most people start a blog because they have something to say. Sometimes just to themselves. People stumble across the blog, agree or disagree, and decide whether or not to visit again. One reader becomes two, two become four and next thing you know; you’ve built your own little community. Right about then a blogger has to figure out what being true to your original intent and that community means.

What some folks will do to make that community into an empire is quite something to see. Let me preface this next statement by saying I’m not throwing shade on any other blogger… ya’ll be all you can be. It’s one thing to blog about “what’s hot in the streetz” if that’s your niche.  But I cannot, shall not, and refuse to write about hair, Chris Brown, Tyler Perry, sex acts and Kat Stacks every day of the week just to draw in readers. When you just chase the hot story for no other reason than its hotness? This, my Bougienistas, is called pimpin’ for pageviews and you won’t find it around here. For those not in the know, pageviews are (like they sound) the number of times your blog page is viewed. Those numbers drive blog rankings, advertising opportunities and of course, recognition and awards.

You can make your blog whatever you want, welcome to democracy on the Internet.  So why so concerned with what I’m scribbling at midnight? J Peep the banner, it reads “BougieLand: Pop Culture, People, Politics & Personal Stuff... with a bougie twist”. Which basically says I can blog about whatever I so desire on any given day. Like it? There’s a button for that. Don’t like it? There’s a button for that too. I’m newish to the blogosphere, started a little over a year ago but I was unaware that blogging could be a full contact sport. I was under the assumption that there are enough readers (and therefore pageviews) to go around.

Sure I could blog controversy and tomfoolery all day every day but truthfully that’s not my thing. I don’t seek out conflict. And don’t you know that if I blogged about Tyler Perry or Barack Obama everyday there are twenty kinds of folks that would feel the need to drop into BougieLand challenging my blackness/patriotism/intelligence/femininity/whatever? Life is too short to invite drama to my doorstep.

Whew, I feel better now. And now back to our regularly scheduled Bouge… what should I blog about tomorrow? How Twitter tried to kill Bill Cosby and he tweeted a statement saying that he was “rebuttaling” that rumor? Or how Sarah Palin continues to prove her enormous ignorance by going live on TV with “Cliff Notes” written on her hand? Ha! Knowing me, I probably won’t write about either… unless I do.

What say you BougieLand? Shall I build a better blog by bantering about booties and Barack? Should I get into a full-scale Twitter beef with the folks who dared to call me unworthy? You do know those questions are rhetorical? You know how we do, just share your thoughts, comments and insights. The floor is yours…