Tuesday Top Two - Actors

Introducing a new recurring series today - The Tuesday Top Two - where we discuss the best two "fill in the blank" and why. Let's talk actors and actresses today. We have polls!

I think Denzel is at the top of his game right now. Someone tried to come at me with Will Smith but when I watch a Will Smith movie, I see Will Smith playing superhero. Will Smith playing fighter pilot. Maybe that's just me. For my next pick, probably Don Cheadle. What do you think? 

As for actresses, this one really stumped me. Alfre Woodard isn't doing a ton of movies lately or she would make my list. Neither is Angela Bassett. Angelina Jolie has been playing a variation of the same character since Lara Croft. But Kimberly Elise and Kate Winslet would be my top two today.

So who gets your vote? And why? Do share...