This letter is a thing that makes me go "Huh?"

As many of you know Carolyn Edgar, Yvonne Bynoe and I have been conducting a Summer Series on Blog Talk Radio. We had a show this past Wednesday. For the most part, the show was well received. We had about 15 people in the chat room, 114 people listening live and since the show aired we've had over 450 listens and downloads. The link to listen is on the left sidebar. Anyway, as I'm scanning my email Thursday night, I ran across this little bit of goodness:
OneChele, Carolyn & Yvonne, 
I listened to your radio show Wednesday night and I was really disappointed that you are encouraging people to leave their wives and husbands. AND you seemed to be laughing about it.

If the three of you want to push your lonely lesbo agenda, I don’t think you should market it as empowering women to be their best selves. Carolyn was a little too happy to tell stories about emasculating her ex-husband, Yvonne seemed angry and I guess Michele is way too stuck-up and old-fashioned for this century.

Good luck,
Woman Not Impressed in Sedona
Can someone explain to me what a lonely lesbo agenda is? I forwarded the email to Carolyn and Yvonne. We cracked up. If y'all could only hear the conversations we have before the show goes live... Anyway, Carolyn has decided to abandon the law and start an all-girl rock band called The Lonely Lesbo Agenda. Okay, she was joking but wouldn't that be a cool name? All jokes aside, let me respond to Sedona Sister...

Hey there,
Carolyn, Yvonne and I carefully reviewed your finely-worded letter and try as we might, we cannot find a polite way to tell you to kick rocks. Did you even listen to the show? We responded to seven or eight questions that had been sent in. One was from a woman whose man stole from her, another was from a guy who moved cross-country to live with a woman he didn't know, another woman expected advice on how to be a Sugar Mama. So yes, to those folks we told them to break for the border and not look back.
Might I respectfully request that you read any (or all) of our blogs or tweets or in fact just listen the whole show before deciding who and what we are. Yvonne is rarely angry (though she was irritated by the Sugar Mama question). Carolyn saying her ex-husband was not on her mortgage was not emasculating - it was practical. She lives in New York City. Do you personally know her ex? And as for me... stuck-up? Not hardly. Bougie and selective, yes. Old-fashioned? Well, if by that you mean adhering to some traditional gender roles? Okay, you got me. I own pearls. Mea culpa. 
But hey, glad you enjoyed the life lessons... too bad they didn't sink in. We had an entire section after the music break about how we were speaking from our personal experiences and coming from a place of love. At any rate, we thank you for the listen and especially thank you for the letter. It was one of the most entertaining things I read all week. And I've had quite the week. 
Michele (on behalf of Carolyn and Yvonne as well)

BougieLand, have you ever had someone assume things about you that were just so way off-base you had no idea how to respond to it? Why do people feel the need to vent this way? Those who listened to the show have any thoughts to share? Who else is looking forward to wrapping up this week?