How do you "tame" an unrepentant playboy?

No, not the start of another uber-dramatic BougieTale. This is the question I'm struggling to answer as I prepare to flesh out my outline for my third book. For those of you who read Heard It All Before, I introduced a character named Beau. Beau is a natural born charmer who has skated by on looks, charm and his talent for making women very, very happy. My third book will be about the redemption of Beau. Brother Beau brings to mind this classic hip hop/ R&B song from the late Big Pun and Joe (How hard did I have to search for the safe-for-work version? Whew!):

Anyway, I need to kick-start my brain so I'm throwing it out to BougieLand. If I use your idea in Book Three (as yet untitled), you will get a shout out in the acknowledgements and my unwavering thanks. So I ask, besides "the love of a good woman" - what makes a player stop playing? Can he ever fully "reform", turn in the playa card for good? Thoughts, comments, insights.

The floor is yours...