RWNTD*: Doing too much

Let me share this letter from a gent we'll call Tired Dude and then we'll chat about it:
Dear Chele,
I know I’m going to sound selfish but hear me out - my girlfriend is trying too hard. Or as you like to say, she’s doing too much. Dropping by on the way to work to bring me a breakfast biscuit is great. Driving 32 miles to bring me a four course meal in the middle of the day when I told her I was going to be in meetings? Too much.
She texts at least twenty times a day. Calls just to "check in", shows up at my job, at the gym, at my house unannounced and uninvited. Given a chance I would invite her along but I don't get a chance to miss her. She is pressed! If I post something on Facebook she comments and likes it to death. She tweet-stalks me… I can’t breathe. Can I give you some of the backstory?
We met over a year ago, introduced by friends. In the beginning, all was well. She was a sweet girl, I’m a nice guy. We hit it off, talked, and laughed. Had things in common. Somewhere around the one year mark (two months ago) something got strange. She started being clingy and needy.
This may be TMI but she is wearing me out. Like everything has to be on and perfect, she’s pulling out sex tricks I’ve never even heard of and some I never wanted to. Sorry but it’s not fun when someone is trying that hard. I’ve tried to talk to her about just easing up a little bit. She cried and asked me what she was doing wrong. After that I just shut up. I don't want to break up with the her she was before her crazy alter ego took over.
Today, I came home from work and she had the landlord let her in so she could wash my clothes and clean the apartment. Not that I'm not appreciative but I'm looking for the bunny on the back burner next. 
Have any insights for me? A brother is tired.
I can actually empathize with his dilemma. In a similar scenario, I once dated a brother that stayed pressed. Like calling twice an hour, coming over and sitting right under me for hours, wanted to hold hands 24/7, all up in my personal space... I'm just not that clingy. He actually said, "I need us to share every thought and deed." Yeah, um - I needed space. It ended badly. I blogged about it in a tragic TapBack Post. So yes Tired Dude, I've been there.

Here's the deal, Tired Dude. First of all, respect for the Fatal Attraction bunny reference. Your girl "will not be ignored!" [apologies] Long story short, TD:  She wants a commitment, probably a ring. You passed the magic "12-month" time period and she wants to lock it down. Unfortunately, she's been brainwashed into thinking she can cook, clean, cling and coochie her way into Mrs. Tired Dude status. You're going to have to tell her (not ask her) to fall back and let you breathe.

Maybe if you let her know what your "future intentions" are for your relationship, she'll calm down. (Provided she's in your plans.) Sometimes the uncertainty mixed with the biological time clock can make a woman a little crazy. Have a little patience but be firm about what you want and what you're thinking. Sounds like she'll cry but you'll have to put the foot down and let her know she has got to stop being so "thirsty". Though I don't believe in ultimatums - she needs one: Back up or be gone. Chill or check out. Then I'd give her a little (very little) time to readjust the cling-factor. Let us know how it goes.

Don't know why I remember this but way back in the day, Brandy (the singer) had a reality show about her pregnancy on MTV. Her baby daddy (producer Robert Smith) was bailing on her all the time to go play ball (or whatever) with his boys. Brandy stood in the driveway screaming, "You'll be back jocking as soon as I'm fine again. You'll be back!" That threw me. And it applies to this post - she was just a little too thirsty in that relationship.

As a matter of fact, people - stop doing too much. Take two steps back from your S.O.'s breathing space and do you for a second. Trust if the relationship has any kind of staying power, they'll holla. Fellas you don't have to call/text fifteen times. We got the first message, we'll get back to you. Ladies, you don't have to pull out the whole bag of tricks to lock a brother down. If a man is into you, he's into you. If he's not, hanging sparklers out of your vijayjay isn't going to help. NO, not even if you serve him a perfectly grilled steak first.

Stop tricking for treats, please people. Get some pride about yourself. Be you and if that's not enough for your S.O. - you're with the wrong person.

Bougie out, ya'll. What cha got for Tired Dude and folks that are doing too much? Thoughts, insights, comments? The floor is yours.

*RWNTD: Relationship What Not to Do - Hope you enjoyed the week!