Random Thought – The Tea Party sucks

I don't want this post to come off all Palin (all rhetoric, no fact or intellect) but nor do I plan to give a dissertation on all that is wrong with the Tea Party… we could be here all year. But I am seriously starting to wonder if the Tea Party isn't turning into Klan Lite – all of the hatred, none of the hoods or hangings (yet). Who exactly is their leader? Is it just of bunch of angry Jim-Bobs and Bobbie Jean's that long nostalgically for the days of plantations and keeping darkies in their place? I don't know, I haven't done the research but what I do see looks like a trip to CrazyTown. Did I see someone really comparing the Tea Party to the New Black Panther Party? Is the revolution about to be televised?

Does it seem as though all the overtly crazy, racist "We Want Our Country Back" crap is starting to see the light of day and the "Regular" right wing is thinking now is a good time to back away? Let's be clear, there are conservative policies and values and then there's the fear and hate-mongering that the Tea Party is pushing (gleefully with poorly made and misspelled signs). Over at Rippa's spot, he talked about it. There was also a great theological and intellectual viewpoint over at The Watchman. The Negro Intellectual dropped serious knowledge in his open letter to Glenn Beck (I hate Beck, I really do). Jack & Jill Politics brought this video to my attention; it asks the question – What if the Tea Party were Black?

Now that's food for thought. I think the role of the moderate, progressive, liberal, or sane person is to fight widespread ignorance and hate with tolerance and knowledge. Point out misinformation on the regular and for God's sake, vote for some people who are about something real and substantive that won't set the country back to pre-Civil Rights Era. I don't know about ya'll but I'm appreciating my little freedom, I'd like to pursue my happiness from the front of the bus. Just sayin'.

Got thoughts on the Tea Party? Do share...