The Obligatory Open Letter to Tyler Freakin’ Perry

Ya'll know I'm not a Tyler Perry fan. I've talked about my reasons several times before. This post isn't about that.

For those unaware, there was a  The Boondocks episode by Aaron McGruder recently that was a both-barrels-loaded, no-holds-barred satire on Tyler Perry's empire. The Cartoon Network's broadcast included a musical number called "It's alright to Cross Dress for Christ" and enough borderline homophobic references to make the most enlightened of us cringe. Creating a character called "Winston Jerome" he took potshots at Madea, Tyler's sexuality, Jesus and Kool-aid (you'd have to see it, I can't explain it). The show hit some salient points about the whole "pause/no homo" ebonics usage but really just lampooned Mr. Perry.

People instantly took sides. Tyler Perry folks, Aaron McGruder folks and everyone in between debated the "validity of the satire" and whether it was just plain mean-spirited. (More mean-spirited than the hot mess that was Why Did I Get Married Too? But I digress…) Here's the episode: (I wouldn't play it at work and if you're easily offended, this is SO not for you)

It did not take long for Mr. Perry to weigh in. Sources say Mr. Perry went to Turner Broadcasting (the parent company for both Cartoon Network and TBS where Perry's negrotastic sitcoms are housed) and basically said "him or me." He is requesting that the episode entitled "Pause" be pulled. This sets my teeth on edge for a number of reasons. I really tried not to tweet or post about it but now I'm ticked off.

Dear Mr. Perry,

Let me see if I understand… it's fine for you to dress up like somebody's gun-totin' electric-slidin' grandma (for a gazillion films, plays and tv shows) but it's not okay for someone to mock you for it? It's fine for you to peddle some of the hot-mess tomfoolery you've recycled for years but no one can call you on it? At least when McGruder goes off the grid, he can call it a satirical license. What exactly is your excuse?

Not that I would ever tell folks to take advice from but um... you really should. He took the skewering McGruder gave him in the video "D*ck-Ridin' Obama" and just tweeted his response and vowed to keep on keeping on. Did he go to his label's parent company (Interscope/Universal) and ask them to squash rumored negotiations to distribute a Boondocks soundtrack? No he did not. You know why?

Because it looks petulant and petty to go whining to the principal when someone doesn't play nice in the sandbox. And by the way, methinks thou doth protest too much. So, he called "Winston Jerome" the leader of a homoerotic Christian theater cult and intimated that you are a megalomaniac with an unhealthy addiction to lotioned up men... so what? You're a gazillionaire. Nothing he said will stop the folks that love your product from lapping it up. By the way... Don't you need to be working on not jacking up For Colored Girls? Please?

Not that you need my advice because you are clearly in the hustle zone without it but just let this go. If you want to say McGruder is hatin' let him hate. You trying to throw your weight around reflects far worse on you then him. And in case no one else has told you this, the more his episode airs... the more people are going to look at your product to see what's true. If you hate the role he cast you in, show us something else.

Sincerely (and please, please don't jack up For Colored Girls),


I'm not going to get into a whole lotta TP debate. I will ask this, who thinks the episode went too far? What do you think of TPs decision to go to Turner? Thoughts, comments, insights?