Not so random thought: Did he say “Baby, it’s just sex”?

Okay, let me put it in context. One of my college youth that I call myself mentoring called me all bamboozled and halfway hoodwinked by the shiggity her boyfriend was throwing at her. They had been together since high school and now in the summer between their freshman and sophomore years, he got caught cheating. Caught in the act by her. Why fellas don't cheat somewhere their S.O.'s aren't likely to walk right in and find them? I don't know, maybe they want to get caught? Anywho… he tried to break off a Jedi mind trick by dropping that old Eddie Murphy line (link is to YouTube. Video is NSFW, Language & Mature Subject Matter) on her: "I [effed] her, I make love to you." When that didn't work he said, "Baby, it's just sex. It has nothing to do with you and me."

{strategic pause}

By the time he finished telling her that what they had was "an epic love sure to stand the test of time" if only she would stop letting "an afternoon's recreational activity" mean more than it really did; she wasn't sure what had happened. Was he wrong for cheating or was she wrong for getting upset about it? Yep, that's what she asked me. Should she apologize to him for being angry that she caught him doing naked insertion aerobics with some random chick?

I'm going to pause again and let that sink in for you.

Okay, moving on… Thankfully, no man of my acquaintance has been silly enough to utter these words in my direction. I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty positive my head would spin four or five times around like that Exorcist chick's prior to simply exploding into vapor. I can hear it now:

"What happened to Chele?"
"Her man said it was just sex, nothing for her to get upset about."
"Oh no. Spontaneous head combustion. Bad way to go."
"She'll want to be buried in purple silk."
"May she rest in peace." 

I'm not knocking sex for sex' sake… wave your freak flag high if you are free to do so. Get your groovy, swervy smash on. And okay for some people sex is just sex; I hear tell some folks view the swap and exchanging of pheromone-laden body parts and fluids as no more than a "Hello, how are you today." Good for them. But shouldn't one make sure their current Significant Other is on the same page before that happens? These two most assuredly did not have an "open" relationship. And I cannot help but wonder what he would have said if the situation was reversed?

Ladies, some fellas are slick and some just have to try. They will run that game on you if you let them. Here is an intelligent if somewhat socially naïve girl of twenty years of age. National Merit Scholar, at an Ivy League school majoring in Pre-Med/Microbiology. And this ninja has her questioning who's right and who's wrong. When she called me, she was thinking about asking HIM to forgive HER. THE HELL?

Now I'm not saying women shouldn't forgive men who cheat. I've never been able to do to it but many of ya'll probably think further outside the box than I can. But ya'll already know what I told her. Oh, I have to shout out @CarolynEdgar who had me rolling yesterday relating the story of a man who said if he wasn't laying down, it wasn't cheating. Yes, you read that right. Old boy said since he was standing up, it was nothing for his wife to worry about. I can't strategically pause any more, we'll be here all day.

You know I could go in for twelve more lengthy, ranty paragraphs on this one. But I'm going to turn it over to you. What say you? Fellas? Ladies? I'm not even going to lead you with my questions today. I wanna see what you're bringing on this one. "It's just sex"… Thoughts, comments, insights, similar experiences? The floor is yours…