Let’s sip a Peach-Mint Iced Tea – It’s BougieMom’s Birthday

Seventy-eight years old and still going strong. Wit still as rapier-sharp as ever, side-eye honed to laser intensity, Bible-quoting and bougenificent. Today we celebrate the birth of Nellie Mae, also known as BougieMom. Here's a woman who clawed her way out of the hood (and I mean hood) of Baltimore with grit, determination and brainpower.

BougieMom is old school, she believes a lady should have a string of pearls, a butter knife and money of her own. I don't know what the deal is about the butter knife but she is adamant that it is the true sign of a well-bred lady to possess one. I have two, just to be safe. J

BougieMom is a light weight drinker. My Dad used to tell a story about taking her to Birdland in New York City where there was a two drink per person minimum. He ended up drinking 3 ½ of the drinks. That was the last time he took her to a place with drink minimums. She does however like her flavored teas. So lift up a cool glass and send a shout out her way.

Happy Birthday, Mom!