How lazy you gotta be to propose on Twitter?

Let me kick off this post by calling BULLSHIGGITY on this whole affair. Marriage is a sacred damn institution. Folks are supposed to enter into it all reverent and whatnot. I've been proposed to three times in my life and with the exception of the dude who flipped the ring across the table and said, "Let's do this already," they have been memorably and suitably romantic. No I didn't marry them but that's a whole different post. Stay on topic, people.

My point is, here is something else we can blame on Social Media:

Last night in Twitlandia, Que (a singer with Day 26 of Making the Band Season 67) proposed to Dawn Richards (a singer formerly with Danity Kane of Making the Band Season 65 and currently gyrating in a Lycra onesie behind old ass PuffyMoneyDaddy in Diddy Dirty Money). His proposal went a little something like this:

@dawnrichard i want tha hole world 2 kno ur mine forever....Will u Marry Me..........I love You

Okay, now these two have been together for 3 or 4 years now so I'm not saying she shouldn't accept if that's what is in her heart. I'm saying that's a lame-ass, lazy-ass proposal. Let me count the ways this does not work for me…

1. I need my husband to know the difference between "hole" and "whole"
2. I need my husband to embrace the wonders of spell check
3. My future husband must be grammatically savvy
4. Where's the ring?
5. Is this the cheapskate equivalent of a Jumbotron?
6. Really though? Proposing in 140 characters or less?
7. Where's the ring?
8. Please say you talked to the future spouse before proposing in front of 3.7 million people on Twitter
9. Did you at least get down on one knee with the keyboard in your hand?
10. I'm mad you have added to the number of things people used to do in person that they now do on Twitter. Le Boo. Social Media 10, Interpersonal Relationships 0.
    Just to see what would happen, I attempted to propose to Idris Elba on Twitter. So what I don't know him and he doesn't know me, it's Twitter… where magical things happen every day. I'm waiting to hear back. At last report, so was Que.

    What say you? Twitter proposal bueno or no bueno? And now seems like a fine time to break out your good proposal/bad proposal stories. Do share…