The Bron-Bron Re-Cap, Oscar Grant, Lohan and other news

For those of you living under a rock, LeBron James took all the airtime in the world Thursday night to announce that he is joining D.Wade and Bosh in Miami to play for the Heat. Robin Roberts scored the first one-on-one interview, it will air today (Friday) during Good Morning America on ABC. Enjoy the media frenzy. Here's my at-a-glance at who's happy and who's not after the announcement:

Happy J– Miami, they do love the blingswagger and no one brings it like LeBron (usually).

UnHappy L – The fourteen designers who begged him to wear their suits which he apparently declined, looking like a buppie lumberjack with a Rick Ross beard for some reason. Obama in the White House, wear a suit for primetime television youngster.

Happy J– Hoochies and Hos. Like I said last night on Twitter, the clatter of clear heels heading to Miami is deafening right now. The ranks of the Miami Chapter of Sports Groupies has just been multiplied by 100.

UnHappy L– Jordan… where was his primetime special? C'mon on, you know he's thinking it? Jordan stays tart nowadays.

Happy J– Tiger Woods! Finally sports folks can talk about somebody else. 

UnHappy L– Savannah (LeBron's girlfriend), he's not gonna put a ring on it in South Beach, honey. There's a whole saying about taking sand to the beach.

Happy J– Gloria Allred, Savannah is already calling about the palimony suit.

UnHappy L– Cleveland. They kinda got hosed. But that was no cause to set the man's jersey aflame. Oh, and the owner Dan Gilbert sent out a letter to fans saying: "I personally guarantee that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA championship before the self-titled former ‘king’ wins one" <~~Keeping it classy. No wonder he raised up.

Happy J– Laker fans, they'll take any excuse to bring up Sir Kobe and his rings.

UnHappy L– NFL Network, they are not going to be able to get Brett "I'm just as arrogant as LeBron" Favre to do a half-hour special. Cuts into his Barcalounger/BenGay time.

Happy J– ME! Because we can finally start talking about football now! Please!

In other news, that Oscar Grant verdict is a freaking travesty of justice. How a man shoots another one in the back, kills him and it's involuntary manslaughter is beyond me. Shout out to the East Bay for not setting the courthouse aflame... I know it was tempting. 

In further news, were ya'll aware of this Tylenol/Motrin recall? This is the third one this year?!

In case you weren't aware. It's HOT. Everywhere. Welcome to climate change.

Who is surprised that Lindsay Lohan is going to jail? Oh and her defense attorney quit after Lindsay came to court with F*** Off written on her fingernails. Keep it pimpin' Linds.
BP says they'll have this "leak" stopped by July 27… they mean it this time. Anybody willing to take that bet?

And that's all the news you can use this fine Friday. Any to share? Thoughts, comments, insights? Feel free to share…
p.s.  So some browsers are showing J's and L's instead of smiley-faces and frownie-faces in the happy/not happy section above. Life is too short for me to figure out that programming glitch.