For some smart reason, I committed to 5 freelance articles in the same time frame. Laser beam side-eye to me. So, I'm working. Since I won't be doing the video shout-out tomorrow, enjoy Vanessa singing my theme song right about now:

Next week is Workplace BougieTales Week on BnB. You think my dating life has been interesting? Come around and check out some OneChele work history. In preparation, let's do some information sharing today.
  1. Do you love what you do for a living?
  2. Do you think you have a good work/life balance?
  3. Do you think you'll be in the same field in 5 years?
  4. On scale of 1 - 5, (one being great, five being terrible) how would you rank your boss?
  5. If you were given start-up capital to run your own company, what kind of business would you open?
My answers:
1.Yes, I do.
2. No, I work for myself and it's about 80% work, 20% life. :-(
3. Yes, thankfully. I'll be writing something for somebody somewhere.
4. I work for me, I'll give me a 4. Sometimes I'm a slave driver.
5. I would open a charitable foundation.

What about you? Do share. The floor is yours...