Sunday Good News Story: Verna For the Win

Verna Oller - Unlikely Philanthropist

From ABC News:
There are two things about 98-year-old Verna Oller that just about anyone around her neigborhood in Long Beach, Washington can tell you. She was feisty, and she was frugal. She was so frugal that she never went to a hairdresser. After all, she could cut her own hair for free. She refused to buy new shoelaces and improvised by looping the zipper from an old coat through her boots. When her longtime friends, Guy and Carolyn Glenn, bought her a new coat on sale, she sent it right back. She found a cheaper one for just $2.
What folks did not know is that Miss Verna was an investment genius behind closed doors. With her hourly wage from filleting fish, she managed to amass a small fortune nearing $4.5 million (yes million) by the time she died. She directed that all the money be spent on her hometown and specifically on a community pool, grants and scholarships.

By the way, before the recession… Ms. Verna was worth $5MM but the stock market cut into her savings. Go head, Ms. Verna.