Shout out to #TeamUSA and a little Take 6

It's FIFA World Cup time. And even though I've never considered myself a soccer (or football, depending on where you live) fan, I watched a game yesterday and got hooked. South Africa tied their first game and Desmond Tutu danced in the stands... that's good TV.

Le Sigh. Darn BougieDad teaching us to love all sports for sports' sake. As I type, the USA team is battling the Brits. However it turns out, they are putting up a great team effort. You know how competitive we Americans can be. I find myself screaming at the screen, "Kick it that way, kick it!" [cause they can hear me and all]

At any rate, take a moment to get your Star-Spangled Banner on with the a capella stylings of Take 6:

Happy Saturday! Has anyone been watching the World Cup?