A few administrative details…

It's been almost a year to the day since I started Black 'n Bougie. I had a few things to say about the state of bouge and I wanted to promote my book. That was really it. Then I discovered this great community of folks with bright minds, ideas and ideals and this mythical vibe called BougieLand blossomed. A place where intelligent discussion, diverse opinion and random thought can all co-exist nicely. It's Black and Bougie. Not Black and Bitchy, not Black and Beat-Me-Over-the-Head-with-a-Brick. We have our folks that like to toss hand grenades from time to time just to see what happens but if it doesn't come from a place of malice (usually) we have no problem. For all my joking I've only put 2 people on the 24 hour BougieTimeOut and I never kicked anyone out (though one fled).

But since we're nearing the one year mark and have so many new folks (thanks!), it's time for a refresher in the Bouge of It All. For a detailed look, check out the Bouge Basics page.

Blog Rule #1 – Bouge is Love, ya'll
I understand folks are passionate about some issues and I welcome a freely spirited debate. However, there will be no over the top racist, sexist (any -ist) comments posted up and through here. If that's what you feel like typing there are thousands of other blogs out there in Cyberspace... get to stepping and try one of those. While I don't believe in constant comment moderation/modification (and I really don't have that kind of time)... any comments that blatantly disregard that rule (like your comment is a borderline hate crime in the making) will be deleted... unapologetically. Yes, management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason.

Blog Rule #2 – No Blogjacking 
Share and share alike in BougieLand but if your comments are soliloquy – stream of conscience thoughts that triple the word count of my posts… you need your own forum. You get once to share a great story, twice to make a great point. The urge to hijack the comments section should be suppressed. Also, if you have "lastworditis": the compulsion to always have the last word every single time, that's no bueno.

So that's it, two rules. And I always (always) reach out to folks via email if they are near transgression-level shenanigans. For everyone else, keep the comments coming! Thanks for stopping by.

Next up – Apparently I have not been hustling enough for Black Weblog Award nominations. So, if you haven't nominated BnB, be a sweatheart and do so. My blog fits into the following categories: Best Personal Blog, Best Relationship Blog, Best Writing in a Blog, Blog to Watch and Best Blog Post Series for my "I Love Black Men" seres. All you do is click here, enter http://www.blacknbougie.com and http://www.blacknbougie.com/search/label/I%20Love%20Black%20Men for the series.

Much obliged.