Sunday Good News Story: Florida bus driver makes reading FUNdamental

Meet Rosemary Peterson, fondly known as Miss Kookyi to her students. This Florida school bus driver got fed up with the her students' tomfoolery and found a smart way to handle it. From NBC Nightly News:

When Rosemary Peterson, a Florida bus driver, grew frustrated with the constant fighting and misbehaving that was taking place on her bus, she came up with an extraordinary idea. Peterson decided to use the elementary school students' energetic, competitive spirit to help the children practice reading with reading competitions. Now, her bus is as quiet as a library, with students studying the books they will write book reports about in order to win prizes from their beloved driver.

Now THAT's what I'm talking about. BougieMom used to "punish" us by making us checkout books from the library and write book reports on them. And they had to be a certain number of words, turned in on time and typewritten. Sometimes old school is the best school. You cannot go wrong teaching a love of books. Who knows how many young minds Miss Kookyi is shaping just driving that bus. Hat tip to you Ms. Peterson.