Saturday Video Shout-Out: Hello, Good Morning

Okay let's clear a few things up... I like this song. It's a great song to work out to. I really like TI's section, he's doing his thing. However, I don't understand why the group is called Diddy Dirty Money. I don't understand the purpose of Rick Ross (who is not on the version I downloaded). I don't understand why Diddy is sorta singin' and then decides to break out his own whickety wack rap. Why is Diddy wearing a lower grill. Isn't he 40? How could no one have told him that he can't dance anymore? He kind of strolls around and breaks off half a kick step in front of the girls. The one girl is Dawn from the former group Danity Kane (which Diddy ruined) but who is the other chick?

I also don't understand what the temperature is. In one scene old girl has on a fur vest with leggings. In another she has on drawers and ribbon boots. Is it hot or cold outside? Yo no comprendo or for your French speakers Je ne comprends pas or for the Ebonic among us - I ain't get it. The video is extremely slick looking (as are all of Hype Williams videos) but this one is a Sean John/Ciroc/Whatever kinda car that is commercial... unabashedly.

I still like the song right up until the strange gratuitous I am Diddy still trying to rap and dance moment around the 3:30 mark. Any thoughts? Any new music you're really feeling right now?