The Obligatory “It’s Friday and I’m too tired to write a post” post

I love ya'll (the majority of ya'll anyway) but this week wore me out. I was supposed to be taking the week off to finish up my short story but then I found had something that simply had to be said everyday. SO… today's the day I punt. Here are a few things on my mind:

  • Is it bad that I like that Jamie Foxx/Justin Timberlake/T.I. song Winner? It's catchy… sue me.

  • Be forewarned, if Sarah Palin runs for President of these here United States and wins… I quit. The entire country. You can find me on the family goat farm outside of Georgetown, Guyana. Yes we actually have one. No, I've never seen it. As long as I have wi-fi, air conditioning, indoor plumbing and rum - I'm good.

  • Television summer season is about to kick off. I (of course) am feenin' for new Leverage:

  • Why are people so surprised that Alicia Keys is pregnant and engaged to Swizz Beatz? She meant bidness when she wrecked that home. She's in it to win it. (But if I were her, I wouldn't leave Swizzie alone in the studio with the latest pop starlet)

  • For those of you who didn't catch it on Facebook, here's the cover of my new book due out Feb 2011. I hate it less than my last cover. And sure, in the book she is described as cocoa-colored (toasted walnut I believe I said) with straight jet black hair but hey... some battles you fight, others... Yes, I know she looks like a young Debbie Allen with malicious intent. That's all I have to say about that:

Any thoughts on my thoughts? Any thoughts of your own? Who has plans for Memorial Day? Enjoy the long weekend…