Life after the white dress…

Hey BougieLand! This week will all be "shorts": brief posts with random observations because it's deadline time for OneChele again.

So this weekend for reasons not entirely clear to me, I found myself watching a lot (a whole lot) of wedding shows: Girl meets Gown, Cake Bosses, Say Yes to the Dress, My Fair Wedding, Platinum Weddings and I tried to watch a Bridezillas but I couldn't get through that foolishness. I would have hauled off and backed slapped somebody.

It occurred to me in the midst of all this happiness and glee that this may be part of the problem. Are people too focused on the wedding and not worried about what comes after?

Kind of reminded me of the first Sex in the City movie where Carrie got so giddy and wrapped up in creating the perfect wedding day that she completely missed the signs that her relationship was on the skids. (BTW, Sex in the City 2 looks like it's doing too much, but we'll see.)

There are so many best chef, best designer, home makeover shows – would anyone else like to see a "Makeover my Marriage" show? You know they have that show Bang for your Buck to see who gets the most money back in equity for their home renovations? What about a show measuring return on investment from wedding to marriage? Now that would be interesting.

Just wondered if anyone else had this same thought about all the swirl over the wedding instead of the marriage? I was actually offended when I watched a Platinum Weddings where the couple spent $450,000 on the flowers alone… gimme a break with that. Any ideas of why there is so much wedding stuff on television lately?